Become an Exam Center

Accreditation from IGC is a benchmark of quality. IGC provides no training itself and therefore remains objective and independent. IGC offers accreditation for examination centers, course ware, training institutes, and freelance trainers.

IGC accreditation is an evidence that an organization satisfies the requirements for training providers and examination centers with respect to content and supervision set by IGC.

If you are interested in joining the IGC partner network, please complete the IGC Partner Registration Application Form.Your application form will be reviewed and our team will contact you within 48 hours.

Accreditation Process

Our accreditation process is very easy to follow that allows you to administer and deliver courses and examinations accredited by IGC.

Accreditation in simple steps

Step 1: Submitinitial application to IGC

Step 2: IGC will assess the application against IGC standard criteria

Step 3: Initial feedback on application will be given by IGC

Step 4: Detailed assessment

Step 5: On site assessment if required

Step 6: Application decision notification

Step 7: Certification

Step 8: Monitoring

Step 9: Re-assessment

Accreditation timeframes:

  • Application feedback in 2 business days
  • Accreditation completion in 5 business days (subject matter expert’s feedback can be provided to support accreditation of material)
  • Trainer approval in 2 business days
  • Affiliate registration in 2 business days