Certified Professional in Principles of Banking

The Principles of Banking course explores the fundamental principles and practices of banking. This fundamentals of banking course gives an excellent overview of financial services, including information on human resources, marketing, and ethics. Topics to be covered include:  money and interest, negotiable instruments, mortgages, commercial lending, security and ethics, and the role of banking in today’s economy.

Principles of Banking touches on nearly every aspect of banking, from the fundamentals of negotiable instruments to contemporary issues and developments within the industry.

  • Professionals working at any level within the banking industry
  • People who are willing to make their career into banking industry

Exam Information:

  • Exam Duration: 60 minutes
  • Exam Format: Multiple Choice
  • Exam Pass Mark: 65%
  • Number of Questions: 40
  • Electronic Devices Permitted: No
  • Open Book: No
  • Prerequisites: None

An understanding for following topics will be assesssed to certifiy a professional in Banking:

  • Chapter 1: Banks as Service Providers
  • Chapter 2: Banks as Business
  • Chapter 3: Deposit Accounts
  • Chapter 4: Cash and Checks
  • Chapter 5: Electronic Banking
  • Chapter 6: Lending
  • Chapter 7: Personal Financial Planning
  • Chapter 8: Business and International Banking Services
  • Chapter 9: Building Relationships: Marketing, Sales and Customer Service
  • Chapter 10: Safeguarding Customers and the Bank

By earning a Certified Professional in Banking certification:

  • Increased earnings & growth in career prospects
  • Explain the development of the banking sector
  • Identify different bank accounts and types of deposits
  • Handle the various operations of retail banking
  • Explain foreign trade operations
  • Deal with the basics for credit and finance analysis
  • Define all capital market terminology with its aspects
  • Explain the operation and structure of the treasury