Software Tester Intermediate Level

Below is the overview of Software Tester Intermediate Level:

  • Software Testing Intermediate training form IGC provides unprecedented knowledge about core software including Test Analysis and Test Management.
  • Regardless of the specialization, this Software Testing course equips testing professionals with advanced skills that are required in a practical and real world set-up, and is suitable for those who are engaged in any aspect of software testing.

Target audience for this Software Tester Intermediate Level are:

  • Anyone involved in any aspect of software testing
  • Anyone who is looking for a more practical approach to core software testing knowledge.
  • Everyone building a career in software testing, such as testers, test analysts, test designers and test managers, and who are looking for advanced level software testing knowledge, e.g. project managers, QA managers, system managers, development managers and others, will benefit from this certification.


Certified Tester Foundation Level is pre-requisite for this Intermediate level.


  • Duration of Exam: 1 Hour
  • Number of Questions: 25
  • Exam format: Closed book
  • Exam Type: Scenario- based questions
  • Pass Score: 60% (15 out of 25)
  • No electronic devices are permitted

  • Testing Fundamentals
  • Review of the Foundation Certificate Syllabus
  • Application Domains
  • Testing in the Lifecycle
  • Fundamentals Test Process
  • Reviews
  • The Principles of Reviews
  • Types of Review
  • Using Different Review Types
  • Testing and Risk
  • Introduction to Risk and Risk Based Testing
  • Risk Management
  • Product Risk Identification and Analysis
  • Test Management
  • Test Policy, Test Strategy, Test Plans
  • Entry and Exit Criteria
  • Estimating Techniques
  • Test Monitoring
  • Incident Management Process
  • Test Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Test Analysis
  • Test Environment Requirements
  • Selection of Techniques

Following are the benefits of Software Tester Advanced Level:

Benefits for Software Testers:

  • Part of the leading internationally recognized certification programme.
  • Improves understanding of fundamental principles and global standards of testing
  • Demonstrates proven analytical ability
  • Provides global recognition of your status as a test professional
  • Ideal route into the rapidly growing field of agile testing

      Benefits for Employers:

  • Employees increase their value to the business having gained practical and analytical skills
  • Supports your organization to retain, motivate and recruit the best people in software testing
  • Save substantial costs associated with software repairs by testing prior to release
  • Agile testing certification to help you deliver projects faster, with greater accuracy and reduced costs.