Mobile Tester Foundation Level

Below is the overview of Mobile Testing Certification is:

  • Mobile Testing Certification can help you get a software tester job or promotion.
  • Testing mobile devices, including iOS testing and Android testing, will only get more important, so getting certified now as a mobile device tester is the most important step you can take toward a mobile testing job.
  • Mobile Testing Certification is the respected certification that can help open mobile testing jobs for you.
  • The Certified Mobile Software Test Professional has been created to fill a major gap in the skills and the knowledge required to effectively test and evaluation of mobile applications and web sites running on mobile devices.

Target audience for this Certified Mobile Tester Foundation Level are:

  • The target professionals are testers experienced with traditional software development lifecycles (SDLCs), entry-level testers with an interest in mobile testing and experienced developers with a lot to a little knowledge of testing who work with mobile solutions and applications.
  • Roles include testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and software developers.


There is no pre-requisite for this Certified Mobile Tester Foundation Level.

Exam Information:

  • Duration of exam: 1 Hour
  • Number of questions: 40
  • Exam format: Multiple choice questions
  • Pass Score: 65% (26 out of 40)
  • No electronic devices are permitted

  • Introduction to Mobile Testing
  • What is a Mobile Application
  • Expectations from Mobile Application
  • Challenges for Testers
  • Necessary Skills
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Lifecycle Models
  • Test Planning and Design
  • Identify Functions and Attributes
  • Identify and Assess Risks
  • Determine Coverage Goals
  • Determine Test Approach
  • Identify Test Conditions and Set Scope
  • Regression Testing
  • Quality Characteristics for Mobile Testing
  • Introduction
  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Environments and Tools
  • Tools
  • Environments and Protocols
  • Specific Application-Based Environment Considerations
  • Real Devices, Simulators, Emulators and the Cloud
  • Performance Test Tools and Support
  • Test Automation
  • Future-Proofing
  • Expect Rapid Growth
  • Build for Change
  • Plan for the Future
  • Anticipating the Future

Following are the benefits of the Mobile tester Foundation Level:

Benefits for Individuals:

  • It could help you gain business.
  • It shows your professionalism.
  • It brings consistency to your testing engagements.
  • It demonstrates your knowledge.
  • It could reduce your costs- and your clients costs.

Benefits for Organization:

  • It can help to reduce defects.
  • It can result in faster delivery.
  • It is the #1 choice, making your company global-ready.
  • It is ready for everyday use.
  • It can help build both your managers and your test teams.
  • It fits your budget.
  • It could reduce your technology insurance costs.